Why Do 6 Year Olds Need Spelling Tests?

spellingIs it me? Spelling tests for 6 year olds? Really?

I get the need to spell correctly, but what is the aim of being able to spell? Surely it is to be able to communicate and converse in a written form. However, what is the point of being able to spell correctly if the creative sentence cannot be crafted and created?

The written word has such power to express the emotional state of mankind. Most repressive regimes start by burning books and rounding up those that think and write creatively; it’s not helpful to their aims and desires for power to have people who can able to question and communicate this to others.

I’m aware that I am biased here, but my child is at the stage where writing has such a fascination. She is always writing notes and cards to everyone. It’s an act of love and the misspelt words add to the magic. If we corrected her spelling instead of appreciating the act and the thought, we would dishearten her and the notes would stop. This is not the desired outcome!

I do not like poor spelling, believe me, I spot the typos, but spelling tests for six year olds? Come on! In my opinion, it’s such a crass way to measure education performance of children. Get them to write a story and see how they can communicate and express themselves.

We must teach people (not just children) creative writing, teach them how to spin a yarn, how to express feelings and build confidence, and only then correct the words so they understand how to make what they do even better.

So what if my child cannot spell yet, that will come. I am just loving that right now she loves writing, and I don’t want anything to kill it.

Rant over…


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